Mill House Fishing Club Guided Catfishing and Carp Fishing on the River Ebro

Wels Catfish and Carp fishing on the River Ebro, Catalonia, Spain.

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Who are we and what do we offer?

We have been based on the River Ebro in Mora La Nova, Catalonia, Spain for 15 years. We offer friendly guided/non guided catfish and carp fishing in Spain, for all abilities, on secluded river banks and in a peaceful, sunny location.

Catfish and carp populations in the River Ebro are plentiful, with our biggest catch on record being 149lbs! We have a number of prime fishing locations (away from the crowds) to choose from, as well as a boat to take you on river excursions.
Do not worry if you have never fished before as the owner can be there to guide you. We are just under a hour away from the Costa Dorada.

New club catfishing record on 2/8/2021

After a four year wait, we have a new villa record, catfish. Rob caught a 149lb monster. (See above).

What equipment will you use?

The equipment you will be using has been found to be the best for targeting the fish in this stretch of the river. 2 x catfishing rods with large Shimano baitrunner reels with line to suit or 2 x ESP Paragon rods with Shimano carp baitrunner reels with line to suit, or one of each. Only two rods per person as per the fishing licence. Licence already obtained by us.

We recommend the use of Coppins International 20mm halibutt pellets and/or Coppins 20mm krill pellets. Both available on site and both prove very useful.

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Pricing, accomodation and availability

Contact us directly for prices and availability. We offer advice on accomodation, which can be found on-site and are here to guide you when your here as much or as little as required.

For returning guests we offer the same services and standards as of previous years.

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Take a plunge in the pool.

If the strain of fishing on the river gets too much, you can use our private swimming pool and sun loungers or relax on the balcony overlooking the River Ebro from the river house.

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2021 Catch report.

Click on the Catfishing the River Ebro or Carpfishing the River Ebro link above to see latest catch's.

2020 Catch report.

Before covid lock down, Chris, Ramona and Angelina have had a great couple of weeks. Biggest cat 118lbs, a 114lbs, a 111lbs, a 102lbs and a 28lbs carp. Angelina bagged a 52lbs. Ramona caught a hybrid/deformed carp. Total of 56 cats, 5 carp and one chub.

2019 Catch report.

2019 year produced.

75 Wels catfish over 50lb. Including 2 x 109lbs, 1 x 108lbs, 1 x 104lbs, 10 x 90lbs+, 17 x 80lbs+, 8 x 70lbs+ and 14 x 60lbs+.

10 Carp 20lb and over. Including 1 x 33lbs, 2 x 25lbs, and 1 x 23lbs (Cats are driving out the carp and more people fishing for catfish).

2018 Catch Report

2018 year produced.

53 Wels catfish over 50lb. Including 8 x 70lbs+, 8 x 80lbs+, 3 x 90lbs+ and 2 x 100lbs+.

15 Carp 25lb and over. Including 9 x 20lbs+, 5 x 30lbs+ and a 37lbs. (Cats are driving out the carp).

2017 Catch Report.

2017 year produced.

47 Wels catfish over 50lb. Including 6 x 80lbs plus, 1 x 90lbs plus and the 132lbs.

12 Carp 25lb and over. Including 6 x 30lbs plus. (more people fishing for the catfish last year).

2016 Catch Report

2016 year produced.

37 Wels catfish over 50lb.

21 Carp 25lb and over.

Our club record Carp.

Here is the largest carp caught from our swims. It was caught from the wood swim and weighed in at 48lb.

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Strange carp

Ramona and possibly a hybrid carp.

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Out on the boat

Went out with Brian for a short fish on the river. We manged to catch this monster. Two metres in length and approx 130lb in weight.

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Took Stan out on the boat for a carp. Here is his immaculate 28lb. A real beauty.

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Mick and his wels catfish pb of 90lb. Normally Mick pole fish's in the UK. Not on the Ebro.

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Sunset over the Ebro.

Couldn't resist this picture and then relax. Just a couple of beers missing.

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Water snake

If its not the catfish or cormerants eating the carp , its a grass snake. (Non poisonous).

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