Mill House Fishing Club Guided Catfishing and Carp Fishing on the River Ebro

Catfishing Leaderboard for 2019. (Over 40lb catches).

Catfishing the River Ebro. Rob109lbs

Joint Leader= Rob 109lbs (See above) and Dan 109lbs (See below) .

Catfishing the River Ebro. dan109

Chris 108lbs,
Ramona 104lbs,
Phil 97lbs,
Dream team 97lbs,
Dan 96lbs,
Dan 95lbs,
Rob 94lbs,
Phil 93lbs,
Wayne 93lbs,
Andy 92lbs,
Phil 92lbs,
Lewis 90lbs,
Dan 88lbs,
Chris 88lbs,
Dean/Sam 86lbs,
Mikel 85lbs,
Alex 85lbs,
Spencer 84lbs,
Karl 84lbs,
Wayne 84lbs,
Andy 83lbs,
Derek 82lbs,
Dan 82lbs,
Karl 82lbs,
John 82lbs, pb
Wayne 81lbs,
Rob 81lbs,
Mike 80lbs,
Karl 80lbs,
Chris 75lbs,
Dan 75lbs,
Mike 75lbs,
Gordon 75lbs,
Andy 72lbs,
Lee 71lbs.
Dan 71lbs,
Dan 70lbs,
Chris 67lbs,
Dan 66lbs,
Wayne 66lbs,
Dan 65lbs,
Richard 65lbs,
Hollie 65lbs,
Chris 63lbs,
Andy 62lbs,
Alex 62lbs,
Dan 61lbs,
Wayne 61lbs,
Nathan 60lbs,
Wayne 60lbs,
Phil 60lbs,
Dan 58lbs x 2,
Wayne 56lbs,
Phil 55lbs,
Dan 55lbs x 2,
Smelly 55lbs,
Wayne 54lbs x 2,
Rob 54lbs,
Chris 54lbs,
Rob 53lbs,
Spencer 53lbs,
Chris 52lbs,
Wayne 52lbs,
Chef 52lbs,
Hollie 50lbs,
Phil 50lbs,
Dan 50lbs x 2,
Karl 50lbs,
Derek 50lbs,
Wayne 49lbs,
Spencer 48lbs,
Phil 48lbs,
Rob 47lbs,
Wayne 46lbs x2,
Ron 46lbs,
Rob 46lbs,
Tim 45lbs,
Mitchell 45lbs,
Ben 45lbs,
Will 46lbs,
Wayne 46lbs,
Rob 44lbs,
Wayne 44lbs x 2,
Wayne 42lbs,
Dan 42lbs,
Spencer 41lbs,
Wayne 41lbs,
Ben 41lbs,
Nathan 40lbs
Wayne 40lbs.

Catfishing the River Ebro. chris108

Chris and his 108lbs.

Catfishing the River Ebro. ramona104

Ramona and her 104lbs.

Catfishing the River Ebro. phil97

Phil 97lbs,

Catfishing the River Ebro. dreamteam97

The dream teams 97lbs,

Catfishing the River Ebro. dan96

Dan 96lbs

Catfishing the River Ebro. Rob94

Rob 94lbs.

Catfishing the River Ebro. phil93lbs

Phil and his 93lbs.

Catfishing the River Ebro. wayne93

Wayne 93lbs.

Catfishing the River Ebro. 92phil

Phil and his 92lbs.

Catfishing the River Ebro. Andy92a

Andy 92lbs

Catfishing the River Ebro. Lewis91

Lewis 90lbs

Catfishing the River Ebro. Dean86lbs

Dean/Sam 86lbs catfish.

Catfishing the River Ebro. Mike85

Mikes 85lbs catfish.

Catfishing the River Ebro. Alex85

Alex's 85lbs.

Catfishing the River Ebro. john82

John (on the left) catfish pb of 82lbs.

Catfishing the River Ebro. 65lbsHollie

Hollie and her 65lbs catfish

This is the final leaderboard for 2018. (Over 40lb catches).

Graham 104lbs (See below)
Andy 102lb,
Dean 95lb,
Scott 92lb,
Andy 91lb,
Stan 88lb
Jack 88lb,
Andy 87lb,
Andrew, Mick & Norman 86lb,
Andy 85lb,
Andy 84lb,
Dean 81lb,
Scott 80lb,
Andy 79lb,
Owen 78lb,
Andrew, Mick & Norman 76lb,
Andrew, Mick & Norman 75lb,
Dean 75lb,
Stan 74lb,
Adam 72lb,
Chris 71lb,
Graham 69lb,
Andrew, Mick & Norman 68lb,
Scott 68lb,
Andy 68lb,
Andy 66lb,
Andrew, Mick & Norman 65lb,
Ben 65lb,
Andy 64lb,
Stan 64lb,
Mark 63lb 4oz catfish.
Andy 63lb,
James 60lb,
Ben 2 x 60lb,
Garry 59lb,
Andrew, Mick & Norman 58lb.
Stan 2 x 58lb,
Jack 58lb,
Scott 58lb,
Andy 57lb,
Garry 57lb,
Jack 57lb,
Mark 56lb 4oz,
Andrew, Mick & Norman 56lb,
Jon 55lb 8oz,
Dave 54lb,
Matthew 54lb,
John 52lb,
Andy 52lb,
Matthew 51lb,
Stan 50lb,
Dave 49lb,
Scott 48lb,
Gavin 48lb,
Garry 48lb,
Graham 47lb 8oz,
Wayne 47lbs
Stan 46lb,
Chay 46lb,
Darren 44lb.
Andy 43lb.
Wayne 42lb
Matthew 41lb.
John 40lb.

Catfishing the River Ebro. 104graham

Catfishing the River Ebro. andy 102

Andy's 102lb.

Catfishing the River Ebro. dean95cat

Dean 95lb

Catfishing the River Ebro. scott92

Scott's 92lbs.

Catfishing the River Ebro. stans88lbs

Stan's 88lb

This is the final leaderboard for 2017. (Over 40lb catches).

Wayne 132lb. New record holder.
Andy 91lb, (see below)
Wayne 86lb,
Wayne 84lb,
Ben 84lb,
Andy 82lbs,
Jon 81lb 8oz,
Andy 80lbs,
Andy 78lbs,
Luke 78lb
Andy 77lbs,
Wayne 77lb,
Miroslav 76lb,
Karl 75lb,
Jim 74lb.
Andy 74lb,
Andy 73lb,
Wayne 73lb,
Luke 72lb,
Jon 67lb,
Wayne 67lb,
Wayne 66lb,
Wayne 65lb,
Jon 64lb,
Wayne 64lb,
Ben 63lb,
Chris 62lb,
Dave 62lb,
Wayne 61lb,
John 60lb 8oz.
Jamie 60lb.
Wayne 58lb,
Wayne 57lb,
Jon 56lb,
William 55lb,
Wayne 54lb,
Wayne 53lb,
Jon 52lb x 2,
Ben 52lb,
Karl 52lb,
James 51lb.
Jon 50lb x 2
Ben 50lb,
Karl 50lb,
Carl 49lb
Stig 48lb,
Ben 48lb,
Jim 47lb.
James 46lb.
Dave 46 lb,
Jon 45lb,
Wayne 44lb 8oz,
Jon 44lb,
Wayne 44lb,
Ricky 43lb,
Jim 43lb.
Wayne 43lb,
Wayne 42lb,

Catfishing the River Ebro. 91lbsandy

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